Environmental Justice Resourcing Collective

We believe communities of color, particularly Black and Indigenous communities, bear the greatest burden of poor health, environmental degradation and pollution, disinvestment of public resources, and reliance on an extractive petrochemical economy. 

The Collective develops its wealth redistribution strategies based upon the understanding that environmental and climate justice intersects with many social issues: gender justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, healing and trauma, and more. 

The Environmental Justice Resourcing Collective is a group of nine women of color environmental justice movement leaders. The Collective, which formed in 2020, resources work that builds power in communities of color, and grows movements for racial, social, economic, and environmental justice. This work is led by and for the communities most impacted by environmental racism, climate change, and unjust systems. 

Members of Taller Salud created the cleanup brigade to give a “breath” to people who have barely rested after being affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Fiona.


Art Build prior to the day of action for the #NoShade campaign, where members from Richmond Our Power Coalition and extended community gathered to share why they were fighting to save Urban Tilth farm from being destroyed by a developer. Credit: David Solnit


Funding Strategies

Through a participatory process, the Collective has chosen to prioritize the following in their grantmaking:

  • Collective healing
  • Community infrastructure and collective land strategies
  • Strengthening movement power

These strategies include challenging private ownership of land and displacement, land reclamation for Indigenous and Black communities, building alternative and sustainable food systems, regenerative agriculture, and land stewardship. 

Grantee partners of the EJRC strengthen grassroots community power through integrated voter engagement, leadership development, and advocacy to win transformative policy at local, state, and national levels. 

The Collective resources its grantee partners with general operating support, as well as capacity building support that is customized to each organization’s needs.

Hear EJRC member Vanessa Daniel share the origin story of the EJRC during the Collective’s webinar in September 2021.

To hear more, listen to the full webinar.

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The Environmental Justice Resourcing Collective members: