Capacity Building

The goal of Kataly’s Capacity Building programming is to increase our movement partners’ ability to embrace and manage change, as well as their capacity for adaptation.

Specifically, we seek to foster:

  • Resilient change agents within Black and Indigenous communities, and all communities of color most impacted by environmental racism and unjust economic, social, and political systems;
  • Highly collaborative teams and partnerships that can sustain and evolve in the face of new and changing conditions; and
  • Enduring community assets that create shared prosperity, self-determination, and power.

We developed our approach to capacity building by:

  • Conducting a landscape scan and listening process to understand existing capacity building resources in the field and where there are gaps that Kataly can help fill.
  • Interviewing a cross-section of movement partners, technical assistance providers, and peer funders. 

We learned that as a spend-out foundation, we do not need to create an internally-held capacity building program, particularly when there are already incredible capacity building organizations, coaches, and trainers who are aligned with and supporting the important work of our grantees and borrowers. In addition, some of our grantees and borrowers themselves hold the expertise that others are seeking out.

Our capacity building programming strengthens existing providers and infrastructure that will live beyond the foundation's spend out.

Grantee partners of Kataly can access capacity building resources, including workshops, trainings, and other offerings, via this password-protected page. 

For more information, please send questions to: [email protected]