Enei Begaye

Enei Keri

Enei is of the Diné & Tohono O’odham nations, she is Tachiinii and To’dichiinii clans. Her partner is of the Gwich’in nation from Arctic Village, Alaska; together they parent four children. Enei is a longtime community organizer, trainer, facilitator, and advocate around issues of environmental justice, economic justice, climate justice, and the rights of Indigenous peoples. Enei is a co-founder of and active member of the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition (Alaska) and the Black Mesa Water Coalition (Arizona). As the executive director of Native Movement, Enei has been able to contribute to grassroots organizing efforts throughout Alaska. Native Movement provides critical administrative support for aligned community organizing groups while also guiding key statewide coalitions and leading numerous campaigns for the rights of Mother Earth and social justice. Enei was educated both on Dinétah –the land of her people– and the halls of Stanford University. She lives in Fairbanks, Alaska.