Lynne Hoey

As the Kataly Foundation’s Chief Investment Officer, Lynne leads the Foundation’s community investment strategy under the Restorative Economics framework. Lynne also incorporates her deep experience in the integrated capital approach to work with Kataly’s grantee and investee partners to ensure the needs of their organization are at the center of the work.

Lynne brings more than fifteen years of experience working in the fields of accounting, banking and impact investing. In her previous role as the Managing Director of the Olamina Fund and Head of Lending at Candide Group, she launched, with community feedback, the Olamina Fund, which focuses on funding organizations that have faced systemic racism and intentional extraction of resources. Olamina is also a place to train BIPOC fund managers to lead impact investing.

Prior to her work at Olamina, Lynne was the Senior Director of Credit at RSF Social Finance, one of the oldest impact funds in the country. In her role at RSF Social Finance, she helped launch the Women’s Capital Collaborative a $2M integrated capital fund committed to funding women of color-led enterprises. She double the size of the loan portfolio and co-managed a team of 13 people. She was part of the DEI committee and made specific recommendations on how to address internalized white supremacist structures to match its external funding commitments.

Lynne is a Chartered Accountant and has an MBA in Corporate Finance. She lives in San Francisco with her cat Penny, who is regularly mortified by Lynne’s attempts to shuffle dance and speak Italian. When she isn’t dancing to house music, she is off on an adventure, whether it’s backpacking, a road trip, or an international flight to bring the work to the colonizers in Europe. She is committed to her anti-racism work and is grateful to Myisha Hill of Check Your Privilege for creating space to learn and grow.

Photo by Bethanie Hines