Danielle Royston-Lopez

As the Grants Officer, Danielle supports the Kataly Foundation’s grant making process. Danielle nurtures the strong, pre-existing roots of alignment within the Foundation’s programs and operations to develop solutions that provide an optimal experience for grantees grounded in clarity, ease and equity.

Danielle brings ten years of dynamic experience in small business operations, nonprofit administration and resource development grounded in an asset-based approach for the purpose of centering lived experience and community knowledge to drive impactful change. Her career spans multiple industries including fine dining, early childhood education, and community-based organizing.

Born in Sacramento, CA, Danielle lived in many states and countries before arriving in the Bay Area to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese Language and Literature, as well as Associates Degrees in Comparative Literature and the Geography of Bay Area Food Systems at San Francisco State University. Throughout her study and career, Danielle’s work has always been defined by a commitment to foster trusting relationships between individuals and communities that promote beauty, dialogue and liberation. Danielle comes to her work aspiring to weave artistry and organizational expertise to achieve results with heart.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys convening book clubs, supper clubs and writers’ circles. Her heart is full when she is writing fiction, gardening, cooking and curating meaningful gatherings for friends old and new. Danielle lives on Chochenyo Ohlone land with her partner, dog and cat.

Photo by Bethanie Hines