Lina Shalabi

As the Executive Assistant to Nwamaka Agbo, CEO and Managing Director of the Restorative Economies Fund, Lina supports Nwamaka and steps into and out of workflows across the foundation as needed.

Lina Shalabi has over 15 years of experience in a wide range of roles, for both nonprofits and for-profits. Her background ranges from accounting for a major hotel chain to supporting refugees with their entrepreneurial goals as a Microenterprise Coordinator. Although diverse, Lina’s past experiences across finance, operations and support, has helped her excel at working behind the scenes, and helping her team manage key projects from conception to completion. Lina has a Masters of Social Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Her primary areas of interest are immigration, entrepreneurship, and supporting local economies.

Born in Puerto Rico, to Palestinian immigrants, Lina moved to San Diego as a toddler, where she stayed, until moving to the Bay area in 2012. Currently residing in Coastal Miwok land, when not at work Lina can be found at her local sit spot, dancing, eating pastries or playing mahjongg.