Lina Shalabi

Lina Shalabi is the Program Officer of the Restorative Economies Fund, managing operations of the Foundation’s integrated capital fund. She has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of roles across a variety of fields — from accounting for a major hotel chain, to lending and technical assistance for an organization supporting refugees with their entrepreneurial goals. Lina’s diverse past experiences have helped her excel at managing key projects from conception to completion.

Lina has a master’s of Social Entrepreneurship, a bachelor’s of Arts in Economics, and minors in both Political Science and Middle East History. Born in Puerto Rico to Palestinian immigrants, she arrived in California as a toddler. Her primary interests include travel, diasporic stories, local economies, and all the little things. Currently residing in Coastal Miwok land, when not at work people often ask: “Where in the world is Lina San Diego?”