Regan Pritzker

Regan is the co-founder of the Kataly Foundation and is currently serving as a board member, as well as a collaborator with the Restorative Economies Fund.

Regan has a background in education and began working in philanthropy when she took a larger role at her family’s foundation, The Libra Foundation, in 2015, and where she is now board co-president and chair of the investment committee. She is active in the Just Transition movement, taking leadership in moving progressive wealth holders and philanthropists to rethink their ethical framework for private investment.

Regan works with her family and advisors to align the Libra Foundation’s and her personal assets with progressive and radical values through investment, philanthropy, and political giving.
She is energized by the momentum that is building to shift private investment and philanthropy towards a frame of economic justice, reparations, and transformation. The founding of the Kataly Foundation in 2018 was a manifestation of her effort to move along that continuum of alignment.
Regan also serves as co-chair of Global Greengrants Fund, a global network of donors and activists supporting communities to protect their ways of life and our planet.

Regan lives in San Francisco where her greatest joys are spending time with her family, cooking for friends, and hiking and swimming around the Bay.