Susan Pritzker

Susan was honored to accept an invitation to serve on the board of directors of the Kataly Foundation. Watching this project come into being has been deeply rewarding, and she is excited to see it grow and flourish.

Susan has spent the better part of the last 45 years involved with a wide variety of community centered activities; volunteer work, philanthropy and politics both locally and globally. Her primary focus has been in the area of women’s issues, particularly reproductive rights, but she has also been involved with various educational institutions and other community organizations. More recently her focus has shifted to movement based political work with an emphasis on donor organizing.

With her husband and four children she helped establish the Libra Foundation, a family foundation whose mission is to support organizations which promote environmental justice, gender justice and reforming the criminal punishment bureaucracy.

Additionally, Susan manages the agricultural operation of her family’s ranch, Hicks Mountain Ranch, in West Marin, where she finds hope and inspiration.